The cullinary workshop Vadvare has opened.

We are delighted to invite you for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just to takeout. Our team of chefs and baristas will be happy to inform you about each choice of product and the history behind every dish.

We sell bread, cakes and sweets as exposed or by order. Feel free to ask for a menu!

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The Stolen Artichoke will oversee the management of all restaurants and cafés at GES-2, the new home of the V–A–C Foundation.

GES-2 is a former power plant on the Baltschug island, in central Moscow. The building was recommissioned to become an urban space for hosting culture and learning new formats of conviviality. The project was proposed by the V–A–C Foundation and reimagined together with Renzo Piano and his team at RPBW. GES-2 continue generating power through its commitment to the arts and culture in a broader sense. Functioning as an ecosystem, GES-2 and the activities it hosts will all be mutually informed. Our menus will propose a response to the seasonal narrative proposed by GES-2, while our chef’s experiments will inspire and develop new cultural programming and commissions for the spaces of the former power plant.

Find out more about all the spaces at GES-2 below.


GES-2 RESTAURANT is the main restaurant of GES-2. Located in the left wing of the building, where once the generator set all the power station processes in motion, the restaurant will need to keep providing GES-2 with a strong pulsating center.

The restaurant is organized on multiple floors and balconies, each hosting a different dining experience.

GES-2 RESTAURANT also overlooks the Second Square — the main gathering space in GES-2, located just by the riverside entrance. The restaurant activities will spill out into this mixed-use open space, both indoors and outdoors in the warmer months of the year through an adjacent fully equipped Bar Two.

What to eat


Ostanovka will be the central café at GES-2. Situated next to the GES-2 Prospekt — the main artery of the building — the café will overlook the beautiful birch tree forest growing behind GES-2. Ostanovka will host its guests both indoors, around the bar area and outdoors. Because of its proximity to the bookstore, Ostanovka will serve as the location for literary cafés and other V–A–C press initiatives.


Stalovaya will be a more casual eatery. Imagined as a multifunctional space, Stalovaya will serve different audiences at different hours of the day. It will be possible to grab some take away food, while also sitting down for a quick lunch or dinner in a canteen style space. Given its location right underneath the small Playhouse of GES-2, Stalovaya will also serve as a theatre style buvette during GES-2 scheduled performances.


The Bakery of GES-2 is located in the Vaults. The Vaults is a 2000 square metres building connected to GES-2 and devoted entirely to artistic experimentation and production. Among workshops dedicated to mediums ranging from woodwork to photography, sound recording to 3D printing — a small bakery accompanies the start of all production activities with the smell of freshly baked bread. The bakery serves the restaurant, Ostanovka and Stalovaya and operate as a store.


Following the best Italian traditions, our Caffetteria is here to satisfy the needs of a busy city lifestyle. Grab a healthy meal after your workout or simply come for a good coffee and a break from your work routine. We promise, the coffee is amazing.

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